About Academind

Academind is a company founded by Maximilian Schwarzmüller and Manuel Lorenz, with the mission of providing high-quality, online learning materials to everyone!

We strive to provide you the best-possible learning experience across a broad variety of topics. With us, you can become a web developer without knowing anything about web development! We also got you covered as you grow as a developer. And we'll always push ourselves to provide all the relevant content you need!

Academind tutorials can be found on this webpage - just dive into our different topics! In addition, you can explore our premium courses that are part of our Academind Pro selection.

Maximilian Schwarzmüller

Maximilian Schwarzmüller

I love writing code and I love teaching others!

When I started learning to code - around the age of 12 - there were little resources to be found. I explore HTML and JavaScript basically in a trial and error way and also by exploring the source code of websites I could visit via my 56k connection.

Gathering information definitely wasn't easy or fun BUT coding was! And how much fun it was!

I always loved coding, I love diving into complex problems and solving and I still think that it's really an amazing feeling to see a website or program you built from scratch!

You might think that I studied programming and that I got a CS degree - but I didn't! I always liked coding and it was a great hobby but I actually went for "Business Administration & Economics" when it was time to go to university.

And I don't regret it! It was a fun time and I enjoyed all the things taught there. But soon after taking my first steps in typical business administration jobs, it was very clear to me that I had to go back to coding. And that's what I did, I started working as a freelancer web developer.

Actually, I always worked as a freelancer on side-jobs whilst I was at university. And I also started teaching others there. I like sharing my knowledge and I really believe that we all should do our best to allow everyone to learn new things and achieve his or her goals.

Now, I've taught more than 1,000,000 students worldwide. Together with Manuel I built up "Academind" and our YouTube channel. We published dozens of courses and we got all those tutorials you find on this page. I'm extremely happy to see that all this content is helping people learn the things they want! :-)

Manuel Lorenz

Manuel Lorenz

Having worked as a business analyst in both a major consultancy and an investment bank, I always found myself confronted with both various and complex problem sets and challenging client demands.

The rapid development of technology and business requirements forces everyone to constantly adapt and to continue learning.

Since working as a business analyst implies a high affinity to programming, I also enjoy working as a web developer.

It’s that combination of self-taught knowledge and its application in a highly competitive consulting environment for various clients which gave me the ability to evaluate solutions from an industry perspective as well as from a learner’s perspective. The latter also allows me to identify the pain points students might hit when learning these tools.

Since I always found it hard to find high quality, understandable and comprehensive learning materials, I decided to create such materials on my own.

Together with Maximilian Schwarzmüller I founded Academind to offer the best possible learning experience on web development and data science to our more than 1,000,000 students worldwide.