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Hi, I'm Max and I'm a professional web developer as well as creator of many 5-star rated courses on Udemy. Additionally, together with Manu, I host a popular YouTube channel - Academind on YouTube.

I do all these things because I love programming and I really enjoy teaching it.

When I started learning programming myself, I was 13 years old and it wasn't that easy to find good learning resources. The internet? Nope, we only had a slow access (just like everyone else) and there also weren't that many helpful resources to be found anyways. So it was mainly books and really coding on your own, learning by trial & error.

Today, you can choose from a rich environment of resources and that is one of the greatest changes the internet brought.

We all should share as many knowledge to others as we can because we will all benefit of this. That's why I started my YouTube channel, create my courses on Udemy and post articles on this webpage.



Hello, my name is Manuel and I joined Max' YouTube channel in 2017. I did this because I worked as business analyst and therefore used multiple analysis tools. Before using a tool, you obviously have to learn it first.

I always enjoyed learning but I do recognize that it can be challenging and very time-consuming, which is why I decided to share my knowledge with other people.

Of course, the focus is on the topic at hand but I strongly belief that you learn the most if the content is delivered in an engaging manner.

This is what drives and motivates me and the reason why I create content on this page, YouTube and Udemy.

Enjoy learning!