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Web Development Update February 2020

Web development tools and technologies evolve quickly. Find out what's new in Angular 9, Ionic 5 etc in February 2020!

Created by Maximilian Schwarzmüller

The World of Web Development Evolves Quickly!

If you're a web developer, then you know that technologies, frameworks, libraries and tools you work with change all the time!

In this video + article, I'll bring you up-to-date with what happened in the world of web development over the last few days and weeks!


Angular 9 was released

Angular was released and the biggest change this brought was an internal one: Its built-in rendering engine was swapped for a brand-new one (its name is "Ivy"). Since that is an internal change, it does not affect your source code!

Read more about it in the official announcement blog post.

Or watch my video on Angluar 9 to get up to speed on it quickly!

Also check out the official upgrading guide.

My course, "Angular - The Complete Guide" is already up-to-date with those latest changes!


Ionic 5 was released

Ionic 5 was released! Unlike Ionic 4, this is not a new version that changes everything. It includes some breaking changes but overall, the way you build Ionic apps and the code you write does not change!

Check out the official announcement blog post for more details!

Again, my course "Ionic + Angular - The Complete Guide" is fully up-to-date.


React Navigation 5 was released

If you're working with React Native, you're most likely using react-navigation as a navigation library (to move between screens, add tabs etc).

With version 5 of the library, the way you define available screens and their names changed entirely! You now use components to set up a configuration. Other parts of the library, e.g. how you navigate between screens, did not change.

I added a brand-new section to my React Native course which migrates the main course project to that new version so that you learn both the "old" (still updated and maintained!) version of the library as well as the new one.

In addition, I recommend diving into the official announcement blog post as well as the official upgrade guide.


Vue 3 is still in (early?) alpha stages

That's it for the main changes!

We also have Vue 3, but there, I got nothing new.

It's still in (early?) alpha stages and definitely not final or in release candidate phase right now.

I do have a video where I explore the most important new feature Vue 3 will introduce but beyond that, there's nothing new that would be worth reporting right now.

Active development of Vue 3 can be tracked in this Github repository, RFCs can be found here.